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¬Öand flying in big lazy circles, Binky the Ravenous Vulture heard the words of Bambi, and then noticed something else. There below, keeping moist in a puddle of water, was a little frog. Was the frog friendly? It certainly looked friendly! Binky decided to get a better look, and as she descended, a shadow passed over the glistening green back of the little frog.

Obvious misdirection, sah!

Everybody knows vultures only eat dead things. Zombie Froggy, I ain't yet.

And as someone who spent a childhood chasing and catching frogs (all released with no harm and mostly even unkissed), I can tell you with confidence that the frog you see is seldom the frog you catch. (Would have spent adulthood catching them too if it wasn't for that chythrid fungus.)

Halfway through the treatment for tiny eye volcanoes! Eyes not looking so red anymore, except for a few spots that I reckon are scars or rather: tiny eye calderas. Still itchy, but that's allergies for ya.