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Thread: Biology: Some fish eggs can hatch after being eaten and pooped out by ducks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tazlima View Post
    Does that mean's it's time to update the colloquialism?

    "...like fish through a goose."

    I could float with that.

    Seriously, this is really interesting, and I have to wonder whether the "shit through a goose" adage has some reality, if "food" passes through them so quickly that a fish egg can make it though without being digested.

    I am also wondering if this is essentially how certain kinds of parasitism got/get their start, with an organism's egg passing through another organism's digestive system to hatch later, but maybe some individuals hatch out in there and a tiny number have some characteristic that allows them to survive inside and exploit an amazing food source. It's common with some kinds of worms and with some fly larvae (like bot fly larvae in horses), but I've never heard of any fish larvae that actually live in another organism's intestines, though.

    Quote Originally Posted by AW Admin View Post
    The idiom is "grass" or "green grass" and if you've ever had geese, you'll shudder every time you hear it.
    I have seen (and stepped in) the effects of goose grazing on certain areas where Canada geese congregate, so my sympathies to goose owners everywhere. According to some sources, a single Canada goose can produce two pounds of "poop" in one day and poops approximately every 12 minutes. I imagine domesticated geese share this talent?

    And I'll stop griping about how my 5-month old puppy poos 5 times a day now.
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