Morning Everyone,

Hope you are all doing well and getting a chance to enjoy the summer amidst this crisis.

As a few of you might be aware, I am writing an Afghanistan war novel that takes place between the summer of 2008 and the summer of 2009 and am almost at the 50% mark. Last year I vacillated between writing this as a 3 act structure or a 5 act structure but after reviewing Save the Cat writes a Novel, Story Grid, and KM Weiland, I resolved to keep the novel as a 3 act structure.

I have a hard outline of each scene and where it falls within each act.

However, the scenes themselves can be grouped into specific time periods.

Act 1 ends in a climax on June 30th, 2008.

Act 2 begins July 4 and and the midpoint of the novel (50%) culminates in a "false victory" for the protagonist on July 21st.

Then the story fasts forward to about 6 scenes totaling 10k words between September 27-30.

Then fast forwards again to December December 21 to December 25 (again about 5 scenes totaling 10k words).

Then we jump to March 3rd to March 30th, and Act 2 ends.

Act 3 begins in May and the climax occurs shortly thereafter.

So....I have the novel in 3 acts but the timeline can be separated into 6 "parts"

Apologies for the long winded opening to a question, but can I separate the acts into "parts?"

Act 2, part 1=July 4-July 21
Act 2, part 2 = September 27-September 30

Can any of you offer any examples of novels where this has been done before successfully?

Any other advice or insights would be very much appreciated. Thank you!