I had a small midday nap and dreamt some horror game was on a tv somewhere close to a mansion belonging to me and whoever; a guy was sneaking up on someone with an axe and nightmarish music playing, I went elsewhere and, so I go home, take a trip up the stairs, see my little sister, and she's like:
"Y'know the custard with the little stairs? Got any of that?"
"No" I shook my head.
"None of that?" she smiled.
I arrive at my room.
Shortly after I phoned my sister and she's doing well, playing rummy with my mum and stuff, the point being:
The dream seemed to entail the nightmare becoming artifical, which could mean...my sister was halfway between nightmare and dream. Now, for a while I've believed this, but never really given it much thought, apart from when I did something I'm not particularly proud of, but yeah, my little sis is still cool. This song reminds me of her: