Hi all! I've been a member on here and lurked occasionally for a long time, and figured I should probably get around to making an introduction and getting more involved.

I like to write fantasy and sci-fi - about the same stuff I like to read. (I am currently in the middle of reading the Temeraire series.) I've been writing pretty much since I was five years old, and somehow kept at it over the years. My other favorite hobby is researching fairytales and mythology. That interest plays into most of the things I write.

At this point, I have a couple of manuscripts that I'm trying to polish with the goal of querying and publishing. But first, more editing. I tried querying several years back, but in retrospect, the book was not at all ready at the time. I'm also trying to learn how to write a good synopsis.

I have beta read a little for a couple of people, and would like to find more critique partners.

It's nice to officially meet people!