Has anyone heard of Rambunctious Books, or had any experience with them? They offer a distribution service for self-published authors (Romance / Crime / Fantasy / YA / Sci-Fi, novels & novellas). Basically you send them your epub/mobi, they select the ones they like, then pay the author a fixed amount per title so they can distribute the books to their readers (up to a limited number of downloads, I think I saw 100 in the ad). Those readers then pay RB a monthly fee to be part of the scheme (4.99 for 3 books a month).

I guess the attraction for readers is a monthly supply of books from new authors, but which have already been through a selection process. And as an author you get payment, plus 100 readers you wouldn't otherwise have had.

Right now though I haven't seen any indication of how much that author payment actually is (a warning sign perhaps?). It will almost certainly be less than you would have got by simply waiting for 100 paying customers to find and purchase your work. I'm tempted to say an author would be better off putting their efforts into marketing and get 100 of their own sales that way. But then if your chosen marketing method would be free giveaways, or ads with a price tag, then this scheme at least gets you something while increasing your readership.

Any thoughts?