Title: The Door in My Hand

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Publication Date: June 20th, 2020

Ebook: (9781393506362) Barnes and Noble and Kobo and Apple and Scribd

Print: (9781087892320) Barnes and Noble (See above link) and Amazon

When one door closes another opens...

In 2300 the world is obsessed with Shade Pry‒a sixteen year old daredevil with her own acrobatics show. To her she has the world: parties, endless friends, fans from all over. She's untouchable until a spot appears on her hand. Everything goes downhill as she loses her job, best friend, and goes into hiding.

There she finds another friend of hers‒Wintermin Addy who's got a secret bigger than Shade's ego. He has a door on his hand which inside lurks a strange creature with magical abilities‒and Shade's spot is one too.

It doesn't take long for Shade to realize these creatures aren't the angelic guardians Wintermin promised. That they are plotting for something. As she searches for a way to beat the monsters she finds herself in a new life‒one of chaos, magic, and hiding. But it's rather hard to hide a secret when everyone knows who you are.