Hi everyone!

I’m excited to be here. Working as a visual effects artist during the day is nothing to be ashamed of, but it never made me happy. Writing does. So in the past few years, it’s what I’ve been doing whenever I find the time. I’ve always just considered it to be a hobby though—nothing serious.

I want to change that.

Today I’m taking the next step by becoming a member of the Cooler. I want to try to be part of a community. Just reading on the forums over the past couple of days brought me joy, so if you’ll have me, I am going to contribute and earn my place.

My name is Jonas and I’m in my late thirties. I was born and raised in Germany, where I currently live with my boyfriend. Even though it’s not my first language, all writing I do is in English. My brain just doesn’t work in German. I do enjoy the occasional (were)wolf, devouring fiction of many genres—mostly modern fantasy and cyberpunk—, drinking coffee in the morning, and devising a plan to change my career.

My current writing endeavors alternate between building a huge high fantasy world of my own—wasting time devising the most intricate detail̦—, and outlining an actual novel after deliriously hammering out most of it in linear fashion and realizing it’s really not the best idea for me to do that.

What I personally would like to get out of the community is inspiration more than anything, so I’m looking forward to read and devour many things here.

This is going to be great!

Out of fear of making this introduction too long, and starting to have doubts over what I’ve written, I am now simply going to post it. My first post! Outstanding.

Thank you for reading,