I'm also pretty new here, joined at the beginning of the month, but I decided to just go for it and get started on critiquing! I read stickies in the SYW rooms I was interested in, tried to get a feel for the rooms by reading previous threads, and it seemed like everyone was very open to newbies participating so I went for it. I was (and still am) doubtful about my judgment, but after interacting with people in SYW, seeing how my feedback was received, and comparing it to feedback from more seasoned critiquers, I've realized that everyone is just trying to help; even if your opinion ends up not being echoed by others, everyone's just contributing their opinions and the poster will benefit from a variety of ideas I figure that the only way I'll get better at critiquing is by reading a lot and practicing! So I hope you'll find your comfort zone on the forum and jump in once you're ready

--from a fellow newbie