Hi guys!

I am seeking feedback on my latest manuscript. It's 60,000 words.

Basic premise: Thirteen year old Josh's big brother Trevor recently died. Josh, however, is convinced Trevor didn't die but was kidnapped by supervillains and this is his superhero origin story. Now, Josh is trying to defeat the supervillains, find Trevor, and save him.

Any and all feedback would be welcome. I'm ready to take the criticism to make my manuscript better. Specifically, I would like feedback on how I handled my MC's questioning of his sexuality (he fears he might be asexual, and slowly accepts the idea that he might not be straight and that's okay) and having a black minor character (Josh's best friend and "side kick"). I really want to make sure I accurately and respectfully depict these characters. I also want feedback on the ending and if it was too dark.

Thank you! I've never asked for betas before or had a beta before so let me know if you have any questions or need any more information to consider beta-ing.