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Thread: Sharing your writing life with significant others/family/etc.?

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    Apr 2020

    Sharing your writing life with significant others/family/etc.?

    In short: how do you balance your writing life and your personal life?
    How much do you share with your significant others/family/close friends/etc. about your writing?
    In what ways do your significant others help or hinder your writing life?
    When, if at all, do you share your WIP with your closest family?

    For me, my wife is very supportive, but I don't particularly share the details of my WIP with her (not until it's relatively done). She knows that I write and work on projects, but one of the life values that was instilled in me early was not to let creative endeavors out of the pen, so-to-speak, before you're mostly done with them. Something in the (over)sharing kills it a bit for me. Mainly, my wife supports me by giving me the space I need to work and I am grateful for that.

    But I'm curious about everyone else.
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