I live with a horde of unruly cats. They are destructive and utterly unashamed when I confront them with their crimes. Cats may be great sources of material if I ever want to write about an amoral villain.

Over the years my mother and sister accumulated a lot of furniture which has passed on to me. I had four small chairs with shredded upholstery and four high back chairs with bare, mangled remnants of upholstery. Sigh.

I dug through my mother's stock of cloth and found two different types of material that could work in my quest to put new covers on the chair seats. One is a burgundy satin cloth, which I remember her using for pillows in her front room and the other is actual upholstery material, green and gold, with a faint pattern woven into it. Thirty years ago, I remember her putting this cloth on her cheap, metal chairs in the kitchen and the combination was a part of our family for many years, until the chairs fell apart.

So, this was both an exercise in furniture restoration and a nostalgic trip back to my mother's kitchen. Both the sets of chairs look fine now, and I've taken steps to protect them from the ravages of the evil felines who surround me.

I would post pics, but they are just chairs, and not all that exciting to anyone but myself.