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Thread: Recovery time for broken leg/ankle or possibly alternative injury

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    Well, "reply with quote" appears to be broken (or just eternally delayed), so I guess I won't be doing that. Anyway... thank you for responding!

    @benbenberi, sorry for the misleading phrasing, he doesn't need to be off the crutches after two weeks... only capable of a little train travel, to go to the trial. What do you think--with a clean leg fracture, would he be capable of a couple hours' train travel after a week's hospitalization and a couple weeks on crutches? (And also, unfortunately, a significant walk or ride in a farm cart to get to the train station, which would be harder. I might be able to rustle up a character with a rare automobile, in a pinch, to help.)

    @MaeZe, thanks for the info on ankles. Bit of a hasty assumption on my part there. And thanks for the cracking idea, I'll look into how that works.

    @Goshawk31, a concussion has possibilities, thanks! If I want him to be visibly wounded for longer, which I may, I could add a fractured wrist or arm. And yeah, good question: actually, it might not be a bad thing if he's not doing too well during the trial. The sympathy factor is something I'm interested in here, though he should be reasonably mentally "there." But that's doable, I know there's a whole spectrum of severity with concussions... but I do need him in the hospital 5-6 days at least. Anyone know how you feel three weeks after a concussion that keeps you in hospital almost a week???

    Thanks very much for your help, again.
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