The events of my climax call for a 20-yr-old guy to be injured, in hospital, & then out on crutches (or similar) for probably two weeks or a bit more, and then travel to a nearby town to testify at a trial. I'm working with some true history and trying to figure out the timing of everything. I want it to be rather on the short side if possible; if it can't be made to fit, I'm going to have to change my plan to have him injured in a particular battle. I'd like to avoid changing that, if I can.

I'd like the whole thing (not the whole recovery, but the time from the injury till the trial, including 2 weeks out on crutches b/c he has to have certain interactions around town during that time) not to take more than a month, maybe even 25 days.

I've been tentatively figuring to have him break his leg. I know it's not your "traditional" battle wound but it's super possible, especially in rough terrain. Maybe the ankle would heal faster? Or, any other suggestions?

ETA: and thank you!