Hey all! I'm back For the longest time I had a hard time trying to get back here since whenever I tried to come to the forum webpage, it would give me a security lock for some reason. It
finally opened up not long ago so now I can sign in.

Anyhow, I've been reading my fantasy series through after a big break, and can definitely see some things that needed editing of course, but as I was going through my second sequel (this
series is currently a four-book series), I wondered if maybe I needed to split it up into two.

As a little background, the four books have their own each singular plot in them, but has a growing overall plot that is finished in the last book. So I have that to consider if I split this second one up but anyway,
the second book has a certain ex-girlfriend that comes into the mix to split up my two main characters, but her story ends pretty quick while the main overall plot of that sequel continues after she dies-a werewolf faction that kidnaps the female ML again to draw out her mega strong vampire boyfriend to kill him. It would make more sense if I could explain everything about my series but I don't to spoil it for you all.

Not to mention I have her being kidnapped twice, so I wondered if I should split it into two. I just would have to think up of my original plot and how to make sure it flows through each book, while adding in enough material
for both singular plots as well.

I know it's confusing, but do you agree or not? Split it into two or keep it the same?