American Civil War - 1864 Union Company.

It appears a full Company ran around a total of 100 men, of two Platoons, 2-4 Sections each (I'm using two sections, to keep the NCO character list more manageable).

The question is: what percent of a Company (setting aside 2:1 disease/combat death ratio, etc.) was actually combat ready? 50%, 70%, more, less?

The setting is MC takes command of a Company where the CO's been various officers rotating through on their way to their real assignment. Specifically, Company K, 75th Pennsylvania Regiment, post-March, '64 reconstitution (CO info conveniently missing from my brief research). Captain Wilson does an inspection. 1st Platoon Leader position has been equally transient. The Platoon is a mess. 2nd Platoon has good NCO leadership and is in better condition. The question is what's a good approximation of the number of effectives Wilson can report having?
Assume basic arms issued, no trick or specialized weapons.