It's been a really tough several days, so here's some good news.

Steve King has been primaried in Iowa. So long, KKKing.

Ella Jones was elected Ferguson, MO's first black and first woman mayor.

In Minneapolis, the school board has voted to sever its ties with MPD as School Resource officers and event security. This follows on the heels of the University of Minnesota doing the same.

In LA, the LA Police Commission hosted a citizen call-in on YouTubeLive and hoo-boy was it a thing to witness. If you're seeing "I YIELD MY TIME" trending on social media, that's why. It was a bluest-of-blue language spilling of heartfelt outrage by the citizens of the city.

Regardless of what's happening in the White House, we do still have the power to effect change on the ground. If we push, if we vote, if we demand action.

I'm feeling a little lighter of spirit tonight.