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Thread: 'The Tiffany Problem' and Representation

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    'The Tiffany Problem' and Representation

    “the Tiffany problem” is a phenomenon noted by Jo Walton as the conflict between an audience’s ideas of a time and the actual historical truths, such as how the name ‘Tiffany’ is seen as ‘modern’, even though it dates back to medieval England and France.
    Became very relevant when I was writing up an excerpt from my current project to submit for a university module, and I nearly came to blows with certain family members I let look at the draft that were determined I should not have a character use they/them pronouns in 1994, one of them saying it was like 'having a microwave be used in Downing Street', and that my blatant anachronism would be marked down.
    Proud to say I stood my ground without telling them to get [REDACTED], but ooh lord it was close. Anyone else dealt with similar resistance or backlash couched in 'historical accuracy'?
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