Via Niman Lab: U.S. police have attacked journalists at least 100 times in the past four days

Although in some incidents it is possible the journalists were hit or affected accidentally, in the majority of the cases we have recorded the journalists are clearly identifiable as press, and it is clear that they are being deliberately targeted (Bellingcat).
* We've seen Trump attack "the media," particularly women of color.

* We've seen many police officers use profiling to target, harass and kill people of color

* Now they're going after the media for reporting about their crimes.

If you watch some of the video shown live on TV as journalists, even within assigned press areas, are physically attacked, pepper sprayed and harassed for reporting about protests regarding the police officers who killed George Floyd, it's very clear that this is a chilling effect in action. The arrest of CNN's Omar Jimenez and his crew, but not Josh Campbell, the white reporter with them, is telling.

Be vigilant. Speak out, speak up, witness and record.