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Thread: COVID-19: Coronavirus June 2020

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    COVID-19: Coronavirus June 2020

    Starting out the new month with a question. Why do the daily new case counts vary so much on both national and state levels. I'd expect some variation, given the nature of things, but how is it possible to fluctuate between less than 5k new cases on one day (and in some states the number is as low as zero) to over thirty thousand nationwide the next? The image linked below shows what I mean.


    You have to click the overall case numbers off to increase the resolution on new case numbers over time.

    I assume some days, like Sundays, offices are closed and fewer cases are reported, but my understanding is that after they start analyzing the data, they "backfill" the dates to when they were actually tested, not the date the test results came in. Testing centers, urgent care centers, and ERs are open 7 days, aren't they?

    In any case, it would be more useful to analyze the data and present them as averages over several days. That makes for more meaningful comparisons of new case numbers over time.
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