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Good advice there.

We roll over before we crawl, crawl before we walk, and walk before we run. Writing is a skill that takes a long time to learn, and IMO no one ever perfects it.

My process is that I write my chapter, then go back and give it ONE quick read - my goal is to have it be 'not awful'. I progress that way until the first draft is done. What follows I call 'edits' but most people refer to them as drafts. The first of these is to go through the book cover to cover, taking notes and looking for plot holes; basically, I'm handling the big items first. Through the subsequent edits (drafts) I work at ever smaller granularity. Only when I'm somewhat happy with the whole to I let proof readers then my editor see it.

We each have our own way though. I suggest you listen to what other people do, try it, then alter the process to suit your writing style and personality.
Is an interesting process my friend but how many times you reread your history to finish to fix all the plot holes?