Hello my friends i hope you're doing well even with the lockdown and quarantine

This is the first novel i write and well it's obvious i will make a lot of mistakes because i'm a rookie. I asked for proofread the first six chapters of my novel to some friend before continue writing the rest and well... the guy was pretty harsh and the proofreading didn't went far beyond of the introduction, which is pretty demotivating you know? However, i didn't give up and being my proofreader, so i decided research everything i can, even i took a masterclass with natalie portman which helped me a lot to understand the skin and personalities of my characters. I rewrote some chapters because i had a lot of incoherences from the first time i wrote them and i think i made a pretty decent work but, now i'm in some point when i ask, is this enough proofreading? or i need to do more of them?

Anyone has faced the same thing?