I didn't sleep well Saturday night, mostly from all the explosions throughout the city of Albany, NY as rioters shot off fireworks at police, and rubber bullets and tear gas were returned. I drove down Delaware Ave, "Albany's Main Street" towards my employer's location about 7:30 am on Sunday morning, the first thing I noticed odd was the workmen boarding up broken windows at the CVS. A couple of blocks further I pulled into the nearly abandoned shopping plaza the auto parts store I work for is located. There are spots for ten stores, but there are only four businesses left. Our store appeared to be fine. The Rent-a-Center and the smoke shop had their windows and doors smashed in. I stepped over the broken glass and took pictures of the gapping storefronts to send to my boss. I unlocked the door to our store and went inside.

Everything was as I left it the night before (I clopen Sat. night/Sun morning). I deactivated the alarm. Put gloves on. Disinfected surfaces. Took off my mask. Loaded the registers, filed the paperwork, pulled the online orders, got the computers going, printed the price changes, processed the previous weeks time for payroll, shot the outs, brought in the hub orders, and got ready for my coworkers and customers. Put my mask back on.

The day started slow, but picked up. Only a few times was the 5 max customers rule, exceeded, and I did my best the move people along. I sold way more than my goal's worth of auto parts, as always. I disinfected the store multiple times. I pulled the online orders and the hub orders throughout the day. I got called a "dumb, bitch dyke" and shouted at for a few minutes straight by an irate customer who threatened to call corporate on me for not doing something we're not allowed to do. I banned her from the store. Other customers and my coworkers filmed the encounter if I should need evidence.

Around five pm our city councilwoman came in to tell me that the city had enacted an emergency curfew at 7pm and that we had to close by then. I told her that we closed at 6pm on Sundays, so that wouldn't be a problem.

As I left for the day I saw the workman had boarded up the broken windows and doors of the stores next to mine.

Between viral pandemics and rioters, I am not getting paid enough for this nonsense. 2020 sucks. That's all. I had to vent. Everything is so surreal and apocalyptic.