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Thread: Information on Victorian Era Court Judges

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    Talking Information on Victorian Era Court Judges

    I'm looking into possibly writing a set of novels set in the Victorian Era. As a result, I'm looking for information from ya'll or free online sources that detail information about the judge occupation. I was under the impression that certain court employees during this era were often in the Noble class. I could be wrong since I'm not an expert on Victorian Era (just started my research), but my goal is for the family to be in the Noble/Upper class. I thought researching a judge and the occupation as a whole would be a good start

    I have done some basic research on the Victorian Era period, but I'm noticing that most sources touch on the same thing. I thought it appropriate to inquire about this topic since I've been unable to find an sources! Here are some questions I have:

    1. My story is set in the Victorian period and my character's father is a judge. What kind of duties does he have?
    2. Are all judges part of the Noble class? Or is that a minimal few? Are they not part of this class?
    3. How often would a judge be home, and how often would he be at work?
    4. Are there different levels of judges? How does one get into this career?
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