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If you're having it that early in the Victorian era, please make sure you double-check about whose authority was over what in the court system.

I was reading "Hatred Pursued Beyond the Grave", which were little snippets of lawsuits and such over a period of 600 years, from the Archbishop of Canterbury's probate court. (The Prerogative Court of Canterbury.) It wasn't until I read that that I realized that Britain had a system of Church courts, and that sometimes ecclesiastical and civil law were mixed up, at least at the courts in the Doctors' Commons, where in 1830, fifteen courts had their registries. (Whatever those were...)


And from Britannica---

So, the practice of law in 1851 would be very different from the practice of law in 1859. And the practice of law in 1859 would be very different from the practice of law in 1890. And the practice of law in 1890 is very different from the practice of law in 1990.

So, definitely make sure that you know your proctors vs your solicitors, your magistrates vs your circuit or high court judges, your Assize Courts vs your Queen's Bench vs your Magistrates' Courts, and so on.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Perhaps finding a new, less complicated job for my mcs father would work. Are there any less known free websites that you'd recommend for further study on upper class and middle class occupations? And other such useful information?