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Short of that, I 100% believe there is no opposition capable of stopping anything he wants to do at this moment. He's proven no one can either stop him or make him do anything, and like the man-child he is, he'll just keep pushing. Unless the GOP rises up (not holding my breath on that), I assume there will be an election in November (because states will hold one), but he won't adhere to any result he doesn't like. They've all got the taste of raw power in their mouths now.
By insisting that mail-in ballots are an instrument for election fraud, especially in states he "needs" like Michigan, he is already laying the groundwork for challenging any election results he doesn't like.

If the courts don't deliver for him, I suppose he could move on to the next step of defiance and simply refuse to cooperate with transition of power. Basically plant his ass behind the desk in the Oval Office and challenge law enforcement, the military, or whomever else is supposed to deal with such things, to come get him. Would it be the Federal police, the National guard, the Secret service?

I think this would be extremely disruptive, because such behavior would be unprecedented in the history of our country. I don't know that we even have a mechanism in place for forcefully removing a recalcitrant POTUS from the physical premises of the White House. It's possible the branches of federal and local government charged with enforcing the law are filled with Trump sympathizers. Would a group of "his people" defy their own oaths of office to assist him? Would he have a small bevy of armed supporters, or a larger one?

It's also possible to simply allow him and any supporters
to barricade himself in the White House basement or wherever and to swear in and install a new POTUS in temporary quarters, until the standoff is resolved. But a lot might depend on what happens with the Congressional elections, and again, what the courts decide. Meanwhile, his MAGA goons could well be out on the streets, waving guns around while counter-protesters try to oppose them. And police in many localities have already shown with whom they most sympathize. It could get really ugly, dwarfing the current levels of civil unrest, even if the powers that be in Washington are attempting to move on and not legitimize his petulance.