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I can't even. I feel like a hypocritic hunkered down in my middle-class suburban neighborhood, which is about 10-15% POC. Yet even we had threats that shut down nearby stores on Sunday night. (Did I mention my county's nicknamed "Arresterfield"...?)
I know what you mean. We probably have more diversity than that (though I've never counted) in our neighborhood, which is outside of the Sacramento City limits (so no curfew here), and it's been really quiet. However, sometimes you we can hear sirens erupting off in the distance, and not so many blocks away, there have been protests, along with some violence and looting (and I wish the media would stop conflating looters and protesters, because they are generally not the same groups of people). A friend who lives in a much more rural area of the county actually had some vandalism on her property last night, though it's impossible to know if it's random, or somehow related to the protests, or if it's an opportunist, or even some White nationalists trying to stir up local backlash against protests happening miles away (the latter does not seem unlikely to me in a rural area). The police have mostly exercised restraint so far, and a few even "took a knee" in front of protesters on the Capitol lawn. The memory of Stephon Clarke's murder (for which no officer was charged, or even indicted) is still a raw wound.

The thing that's disheartening is the reaction of so many White people I know. They're focused on the violence and looting but not at all on the issue of police brutality or systemic racism, nor are they acknowledging the fact that the majority of the protesters are peaceful and want to be heard. Obviously, the violence and looting are bad and should be condemned, but these things are not happening in a vacuum. A man was murdered, and the police officer who did it (and his colleagues who stood by) can't even claim it was a "split second" decision.

It was brutal. It was deliberate. It cannot be written off as a split-second decision. Then what did the local coroner's office do--they tried to cover it up by concocting evidence that Floyd had underlying medical conditions that contributed to his death. And this is not unique either.

It should be considered murder by anyone's definition, and many White people are ignoring that fact. And those who aid, abet, and cover up murderers are criminals too.