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Thread: George Floyd

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElaineA View Post
    I am assuming a good faith question here, and I can answer this.
    <<snip, but only because the post is just up there ^ >>
    Once the house is swept clean, if cops need a union, we can revisit.
    This is quite extraordinary. Thank you, Elaine. I hadn't understood your policing at all - in fact the second post in this thread was meant to signify how stupefying it is that a march against police brutality is labelled a "riot" and treated with well, police brutality.

    For context, we had big protests marches down here yesterday, to echo and support yours, but primarily against the appalling treatment of Aboriginal people by many of our police down here, and to highlight over-incarceration of Aboriginal people, and deaths in custody. The night before the marches in my state, they were declared unlawful gatherings (due to coronavirus) - but the largely Aboriginal organising group and a lot of the marchers said they would go ahead anyway. There was all sorts of bluster by the chief of police and the police minister, but fifteen minutes before the start of the protest (which had tens of thousands of protestors on the street by that time) it was declared lawful after all, and senior police marched in solidarity up at the front.

    A guy who turned up with an "All Lives Matter" sign got yelled at by a teenager and the police arrested the guy with the sign, but I think that was the only trouble. (Some people were tear-gassed hours after the march when they wouldn't leave Central Station, but I'm not sure what the details on that are, yet. We'll watch for more news there.)
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