Well done everyone who did more than zero words!

Weekend word counts:

522 & 572 on Fishy tail. Kaylee smashed her way into a locked restroom and used her water power to take down a CCTV camera. Then she found her way to the cargo bay to let William in.

343 & 268 on dustworld. Etia and Rodney bought some ammunition and posed as bounty hunters seeking themselves to gain information. Then they went to a gambling den, and Etia is doing much better than Rodney.


sweeping up crap from around the front garden.

keep swimming... sometimes I feel like I'm treading water, but it's better than the alternative.

(My stories often involve water: Demon Hunter - Shana has nightmares about it; Dustworld - there's not much of it; Fishy Tail - It's Kaylee's home)