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Thread: Positive News & Stories of Hope

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    Positive News & Stories of Hope

    Every day we're bombarded with bad news, disheartening stories, and the proliferation of frightening prognostications for our shared future. But . . . BUT there is good news out there of real causes for hope—they're hard to find sometimes, but they are there.

    I'd like this to be a thread for sharing our go-to sources for positive news and stories of global efforts to advance social justice reforms and steps being taken to save the environment. We need these stories and we need to share them to help each other cope.

    I'm "sticking" this thread temporarily; if there's community interest in building it further, I'll move it to the appropriate forum later.


    Websites Dedicated to Positive News and Stories of Hope:

    "New Plant-Based Bottles and Cups Backed by Coca-Cola And Dannon Can Degrade in a Year"
    "World’s Largest Open-Air Gallery Was Painted By People With Learning Disabilities—And It’s Breathtaking"
    "Maasai Nature Conservancy Asks For Help To Fight Pandemic—And 100,000 People Answer"

    POSITIVE NEWS (US): (US and around the world)
    "Amsterdam to buy out young people's debt to offer 'new start'"
    "'It’s a miracle': Helsinki's radical solution to homelessness"

    POSITIVE.NEWS: (UK and around the world)
    "London to be ‘overhauled’ to boost walking and cycling after lockdown"
    "World Bee Day: five projects making a difference to bees this year"
    "The projects offering free therapy for frontline healthcare workers"

    Hopeful Stories From Around the Web and Around the World:

    "53-Year-Old Tortoise Needs Home After Owner Dies of Coronavirus"150 emails and calls received from would-be adopters. Update pending.

    Paying It Forward.

    "How to Feed Crowds in a Protest or Pandemic? The Sikhs Know."

    Organizations Offering Opportunities for Involvement:

    Digivol – Volunteers digitizing data for research by participating in existing projects or proposing new ones. (Guardian article about one project by our own Helix: "Armchair expeditions: the addictive joy of dunnart spotting")
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