Balloon, that takes me back. Although it doesn't have much to do with Nena, other than balloons over a divided Germany. On the subject matter, however, I'm interested in how "the East" functioned as a whole. Russia may have ruled with an iron hand, but the various countries did each find a place inside "the East". Or at least it seems that way. Echoes of that perception last until this day. When I look at the East I perceive a common culture, with a fondness for strongmen. Academia see a different picture, even when they describe the differences between the very autocrats of the Visegrad nations and the populations that support them. I found Rethinking “democratic backsliding” in Central and Eastern Europe – looking beyond Hungary and Poland an interesting read. If you're interested, there's a discussion on YouTube with the authors about the publication, audio only. I suppose my own prejudice and those in the East are exactly what is attracting me to this project, and I'm trying to develop my thinking on it. As to your tip about Eastern Europe by Tomek Jankowksi, Kjbartolotta, Amazon has it on Kindle. I'll give it a read, thank you.