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Thread: This is why we critique?

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    This is why we critique?

    This really should be said to a broader audience, but you are my peeps. So here it is.

    You should be spending time in Share Your Work to read and give criticism to your peers. It is hard work. It's a pain in the ass, but I learn more writing criticism than I do from any other form of practice. It forces me to think about what I am reading and what I am saying. I have to use my capacity to think through a story and explain why things work and why they don't. Helping your peers is like a writer's day at the gym. And, it is the only way you will ever truly work on a style that is not your own. You do not have to be better than the people you give criticism to either. We all know what is good. We all know what works. Even if we do not know why something works or not, we do know whether it works or not. That too is growth.

    Read and give criticism to your peers because it will make you a better writer.

    That is all.
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