My non-writing (sort of) art of choice is videography! About a year ago, I started a YouTube channel to help beginning writers with tricks, tips, and rules I wish I knew when I started. I've been pretty good about putting out a video every week to every-other week. I cover all sorts of stuff from editing tips to how to write a better love interest to my own personal plotting strategies.

In the time I spent as a teacher, I learned the importance of bringing creativity to the classroom and breaking the traditional direct instruction mold to really make your lessons stick. especially when it comes to teaching a creative subject, like writing. So... yeah, I get a little silly. I do a little face-to-face instruction, but also a ton of dramatizations and visual examples of what I teach. People have responded well to the approach so far!

I've had really bad luck with posts like this being taken down for some reason, so if you're interested in looking up my channel, it's The Roadside Writer.

Anyone else in the AW community on youtube? Either as an instructor/creative or just a dedicated user? Curious to see where these two communities I'm a part of intersect. I can't say I've met too many writers who also dabble with the camera! I'll be the first to admit it was WEIRD to get used to.