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I'm beginning to think part of my issue is a matter of aesthetics (not being able to imagine wizards with staffs boarding space ships as we know them in sci-fi). I'm wondering if anyone's come across a work where space travel is made through ships without computers or any other tech-elements. Like a primitive kind of ship that works with magic or through an obscure technology that's got nothing to do with electronics. If I can somehow get that part done, I may be able to retain my magic system and all the wizardry because then the story won't really feel like sci-fi.
That sounds really intriguing. And a really good idea. I can't think of anything off the top of my head that's like it, but that's okay, because it'll be more original. If there's magic in your universe and someone's managed to use that to travel faster than lightspeed, I'd be fine with that. Sounds like the sort of thing I'd want to read. If you want to use tech that isn't electronics, go for it. There's no rule that says alien species have to invent the same things Earth cultures do. Especially if there's magic.

You can have wizards with staffs aboard spaceships. Why ever not? Thor's a Norse god and he hangs around with Iron Man. Just do it. Future cultures will still have religion and traditions. Clothes aren't going to suddenly just become functional and not decorative and representative of status or power. It's not all going to be like Star Trek with the Federations - obviously you don't want that but there's loads of sci fi that doesn't have that. So don't. Sounds like you've got some really good ideas. Don't get hung up on trying to make it too much like existing sci-fi

Have you seen Ulysses 31? It's ancient Greek myths in space.

Think the early books of the Dragonriders of Pern series. They're classified as sci-fi only because the stories take place on a planet other than earth, but there's no technology or electronics involved. It's technically a fantasy within a planet other than earth. It'll be trickier in my case cause of all the space travel between star systems, but if I can somehow make the ships non-technological whatsoever, the aesthetic problem might be overcome.
Don't try too hard to make it fit a genre or what exists already. Original is good. Most people I know who read sci fi also read fantasy and a lot of bookshops and libraries shelf them together. Probably because a lot of sci fi is just fantasy set in space with tech instead of magic (or a blend of tech and magic).

Make sure whatever magical or magic-tech blend type system is internally consistent. Make up the rules about how it works, and make the explanations fit that. Honestly it sounds like a really great idea and something I'd want to read.