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Thread: Changing my fantasy ms into space opera

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    Quote Originally Posted by neandermagnon View Post
    Also I'd advise not getting too hung up on the difference between magic and technology. I watched another Avenger's film with my kids last night (Age of Ultron). Honestly I can't tell what's magic and what's technology. And it actually doesn't matter. The characters all have very powerful magic and/or technology, which has rules about what it can and can't do. To get around the characters being overpowered, they need an equally overpowered adversary. Like Ultron. Or Loki as an adversary to Thor. Or Winter Soldier as an adversary to Captain America, etc.
    I'm arriving at the same conclusion, thanks to everyone's help here. In Avengers, the Tessaract alone creates endless possibilites for both magic and tech. That'll be the key to my work, an element to explain all the magic as part of some technology, and seriously, who's to say how far we can go?

    With regards to my story's universe. I'm still wondering how to employ sectors/ quadrants in a four star-system galaxy. Or, for that matter, whether I really need those terms. But suppose I do: should each star system be located in one sector/ quadrant of the galaxy? Or should each star system consist of its own sectors/ quadrants with the planets distributed among them? A few suggestions on this would be most welcome.
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