Greetings. I'm an experimental writer ─ gotta preface with this just so you might get where my sadistic ecstasy comes from (yes, you've my permission to leave if you've read this far and feel you need to. lol).

I was mucking around in Sigil, doing the tedious Pass the Validator work in the manifest and style sheets, etc, when it just so happened to slap me that it is entirely possible to muck up the page and text until it's beyond recognition. As much as I enjoy doing things the right way, it's also first nature to do it ass-backwardsly wrong (hence 'experimental.' I just can't get it right).

So, I wanted to open the door to some opinions:

If you came across a book that featured a black page, with the text being primarily white, though colored where relevant (per story needs), would you be put off by it?

Would a standard white page, mainly black text, and colored-as-needed sections work better for you?

Is this one of those things that shouldn't be touched at all?

(optional) Should it be spelled Nuggit, Nuggyt, or Nuggot?

I appreciate your thoughts.

Thank you.