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Then you read my copy and you make me an editor.
Dude. Seriously. You wrote this:

I'm meticulous with my writing and I feel that the end result is a product of a lot of carefully made decisions and a big accomplishment that others are unlikely to equal. I prefer educational and other nonfiction material so my skill will be put to good use.
And this:

I've meticulously written technical instructional material that I haven't felt is even worth mentioning due to my probably not even having a copy any more and it not being up to my current standards, due it being hand written for my own eyes only on making clay figures, due to it just not appearing to be a big deal despite all the considerations its design took, due to it being relatively short and so technical and niche that the reader wouldn't know whether it's written well, etc.
I wouldn't let you near copy. Take a nice freshman comp class. Learn to revise.

And stop fucking trolling.