I genuinely think writers (and storytellers in general) are built a little different. Our hardware may be the same as everyone else's, but something's a bit off about our software. If you're a true weaver of worlds, it's always on your mind, and that just does something to you. Does anyone out there have a weird behavior they can't help that puzzles the non-literary folks around them?

For me, it's definitely when I space out- hard. Especially when I'm a passenger in a vehicle, forget it. My spacial intelligence is reduced to nil because, given a free moment where I don't have the reins in my life, I start thinking about stories. Characters, places, events- it all just takes over. Suddenly, my wife or friends ask "hey, you alright?" because of how intensely I eye the window. Half the time I don't even remember to tell them why I was spacing out. I just tell them that yes, I'm alright. I was just thinking. I don't mention that I was thinking about a man with steel wings dueling a knight in armor made from his own protruding bones on the surface of a caged star.

What about you guys? Any weird writing-related stuff you do that weirds out the people in your life? Feel like this could be quite the titillating conversation.