I get lost with restrictive vs non-restrictive, coordinate vs subordinate, and sometimes the grammar checker is calling for commas when I don't think they should be there, and before I know it, I'm brain dead. About the only thing I'm sure about is that when "so" is short for "so that" it doesn't need a comma.

Any tips for understanding this will be appreciated. And if you have the time (I realize there are a lot of sentences), could you tell me if the below sentences punctuated correctly? Thanks.

If the people are corrupt so is the government.

The militia missed their chance to kill me so now theyíre attacking my people.

Oh, my staff can explain that better, Admiral, and they donít want me misspeaking, so Iíll leave that to them.

Weíve received messages and a photo of the boy, so we know they have him, and we know heís being held in the Everglades.

Now Iím sure you have plenty more questions, but trust me, Major Stoneman is going to be better qualified to answer so hold them for now.

Needless to say, the president considers getting Mack back safe and sound his top priority so we need to get a move on.

Now hit the hay so weíre ready to go first thing in the morning.

We have reason to believe the boyís being held on a chickee hut. But on a chickee hut over water so heís unable to escape because of the alligators and venomous snakes.

This one may be older, but with a twin turbo 710 horsepower engine and a four-blade whirlwind propeller, sheíll go plenty fast enough for what we need. But yep, no seat belts so you want to be sure to hang on to something.

I donít want to get too close or linger, so itíll just be a quick look-see.

They didnít feel like lugging the shotguns so they stopped at Stonemanís office to pick up .22 revolversóthey were in a drawer in his deskófilled their canteens and set out.

But like you said, we have no airboat, so what can we do?

Now to be clear so I ainít wasting yours and my time, you said the president has been sent messages and a photo of this little Mack fella?

Earl yanked on its body, but there was absolutely no give, so he grabbed its tail and was able to unwind it, smashing his wrists and forearms on the canopy as he did.

We have some leads, some promising ones, but weíve been terribly hampered by not having the airboat, so what can you tell us?

Good thing the shotguns are still here, but the ammo is gone. So the only shells we have are in the magazines.

Yeah, and youíre mucking it up so I canít see where Iím stepping.

Iíve cut it up in chunks, so it should cook faster, but itís still going to take a while.

Was this all about getting reSEALed so she could avenge her parentsí deaths?