Day 23 - got on a roll this morning and turned out 2-1/4 pages longhand. Two and a half is about 1000 words for me, so I got in a solid 800 for sure, plus change. I'll know when I type it all up.

I hope to have the assignment done and out by evening. The rest of the weekend, if weather permits--yard work!

April - my handwriting's pretty small and doesn't sprawl too much, so I can cram on a lot of words per line. (Without the lines, it would drift down- or upward. My pages would look like drawings of a mountain range.) I can generally read it the next day, unless I was writing really fast (called "scribbling" ) or tired. I have a bigger problem with the pens. As the ink runs low it starts to fade and skip spots, making it even harder to tell which letter I meant. Those pages are fun to type up weeks after the fact.

Why don't I just type all the time? Because the laptop has tempting games and now YouTube. Longhand guarantees I'll actually write when I sit down to do so.