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Thread: May 2020 Challenge - Write Every Day!

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    Happy Beeps April Swanson's Avatar
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    Feb 2018
    Far, far away (but not far enough)
    Keithy: Sounds like you needed a rest. I’ve been having watery issues too. Now I get nervous around pipes.

    Layla: I’m very glad to hear that!

    Taylor: Great job pushing on with the edits.

    Cindyt: Yay for words!

    Pterofan: That’s exactly why I’ve forced myself to go back to writing by hand. The internet is the worst—especially right now. It’s been so nice to spend most of my day away from the phone/laptop. Now whenever I go online I like to get on and off as quick as poss.

    K, took me a while to get going today (had the usual three seconds’ sleep and needed to figure out some more character stuff) but I ended up with 2 1/2 pages—prob around 500 words. I’m beginning to think this book might not be a total disaster.
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