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Thread: COVID-19 | The Other Side

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    COVID-19 | The Other Side

    Today (27 Apr 2020) was the first day I went back to work in the office full time. It was great seeing all my colleagues again, though noisy; however, spirits were high as was productivity and focus. On the other hand, we're all still wearing masks, keeping our distance (as much as possible), and practicing hand hygiene, and desk/equipment disinfection. We're also maintaining these practices at home.

    In the last four months, I've seen the office for about a maximum of 4 weeks all told.

    So, what's changed?

    • Restaurants are returning to full operating capacity, with precautions, like screens between booths, sealed cutlery, etc. But few people are eating out.
    • Masks are still being worn -- it's the norm here now.
    • Disinfection practices are still in place.
    • Temperature vetting is normal now.
    • Gathering of a maximum of 4 people still -- this restriction will continue for a while yet.
    • Various private healthcare practices (e.g., walk-in clinics) have switched to earlier operating hours to avoid rush hours for their staff and patients.
    • Alcohol still isn't being sold in pubs / bars / restaurants (this is in line with the max. of 4 people in a group).
    • Social distancing is still being practiced as far as possible for this population density (6,659 people per square kilometer in HK (yr. 2020)).

    This is the first day (27 Apr) the city has opened to "normal" after approximately 4 months of voluntary self-isolation.

    Current COVID-19 cases: 1,038

    Recovered: 772

    Deaths: 4

    No changes for about 4 days now.
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