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Thought more about the New Normal.

Prior to the outbreak, many ladies in HK would go out with their hair wet in the mornings and let their hair air dry.

During and after the outbreak, the New Normal, is always go out with dry hair.

A small, subtle change, but telling.

Habits have been adjusted.
That makes sense if people are waiting to shower until after they go out to shop.

Sadly, as the US slowly (or not so slowly) reopens, people are letting their guard down re social distancing, as if no one can get sick now that we're in phase 2 or 3 or whatever. My spouse went to the grocery store last Friday, and he said fewer people were wearing masks that two weeks before. Mask wearing is more important than ever, now that more places are open and people are getting exposed more, but in the US there's a psychological factor in play, it seems. Of course, Americans are much more uncomfortable with masks overall than people in Hong Kong.