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Thread: Writing western women - 1870's frontier

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    Writing western women - 1870's frontier

    This is the first piece where I've attempted an interior monologue for a female character. Quick bio: age 21, fled Baltimore tenement and abusive brother, went west to "get as far away as possible". Strong sense of self. Layer of trauma from assault (e.g., rare but recurring nightmare about brother coming for her) and two later #MeToo events (both thwarted) enroute. I'm reasonably comfortable with the overall plot development. Still, I can't quite nail down the voice. I'm sure I'm missing the intangibles that make this a female voice.

    To make my life harder, the WIP began with the male MC having his interior monologue in past tense (writing later, from recollection) - no worries there. He meets female MC (no interior monologue), they marry and male MC (and writer) was told, just after "I do", by female MC, she gets a voice, too. Worse, they now lapse into present tense (typically, he writes his idea of what she did or whatever - she breaks tense "I saw that", present tense dialogue follows, ends with her "past tense, buster, past tense!" - he wins some, too (I have the sound of Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn banter in Charade in my head). Hilarity ensues.

    It's those intangibles that worry me.
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