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Thread: RIP, Tim Brooke-Taylor

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    RIP, Tim Brooke-Taylor

    Mr. Brooke-Taylor is the latest casualty of the COVID-19 virus, having passed at 79.

    He's mostly known for The Goodies, which never caught a fair shake here in the US. Several episodes played in various public television markets, maybe from two or three seasons, but it left as quietly as it arrived in my neck of the woods. I've also been listening to another radio show he'd done, I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again, through the magic of teh intarwebz; BBC Radio 4Extra has played it several times over the years but I've only just now been able to catch it from season 1, episode 1, and it's so interesting to listen to the evolution of the show, how creakily it started and how it became a mainstay in British radio comedy. (Like many others, I always look forward to the appearance of his trademark character, Lady Constance deCoverlet.) I also remember his other TV series, You Must Be The Husband, where he played the husband of a highly successful author; whenever he talked about her editor Miranda, he never referred to her by name. Instead, he'd grumble and hold his index fingers up in a cross to ward off demons.

    Fare thee well, sir.
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