I am planning a YA (I normally write MG) and I was wondering if goofy jokes are normal.

An example of a goofy joke would be when a witch that struggles with magic turns herself into a door wreath by accident. Goofy/Random stuff like that. The door-wreath joke would happen multiple times through the book series like a running gag.

I asked someone who writes YA what type of jokes were in YA and she said "I don't know...snarky? Try reading some." Well I have read recent YA and most of the jokes are snarky. Nothing goofy or random.

So can I add goofy/ random jokes like that in YA. (I'm self-publishing if that helps). I'll also have some snarky comments for my characters to say, but I would really like to add some goofy humor.

Thanks in advance.