I would hope you also have us to occupy you, and the vastness that is the internet, with many sites with good people who seek connection. Find sites for whatever interests you have. Observe without joining at first. Consider a new email just for joining those sites, so your real email won't fill with clutter if that's what they do.

I would hope you have books that take you to other worlds with other people who have other problems.

I would hope you have TV or movies to do the same but at a lesser depth.

I would hope the hands that can use a keyboard can also attempt simple crafts with materials likely to be in the house, and that you'll laugh at early failures, because there's always a learning curve. Take a look at Pinterest for craft how-to featuring torn paper and home-made glue, for starters.

And as always, it's the right time to be thinking about the next book.

Maryn, who may attempt a pie today