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Thread: About Be Excellent to One Another

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    About Be Excellent to One Another

    “Be excellent to one another,” or, if you prefer, “Be excellent to each other.”

    Both lines are used in the 1989 film Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Those lines, and the underlying ethos of the film, are what’s behind this year’s Absolute Write Feast of Fools, otherwise known as April Fool’s.

    This year, when so many are stressed by issues around COVID-19 around health and employment and staying away from other people, we thought a day of emphasizing doing something for ourselves and for each other would be particularly appropriate.

    What better time than this to be excellent to one another?

    We thought April 1 2020 was a good day to find ways to engage in self-care; keeping occupied and distracted, and of course one of the best ways to do that is to do something for others.

    What are you doing to help yourself cope, even to write?

    What can we do for ourselves and for others?

    How YOU Can Participate

    • Post in one of the threads listed here.
    • Or Start a thread here in this Be Excellent forum.
    • Tag it with the name of the regular forum you think it fits in brackets at the end:
    • My Nifty Thread [Office Party]
    • A mod will move the thread with a redirect, so it will be listed here and live in the other forum.
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