Queer Sci Fi is mostly a review website, but every year they do a contest (https://www.queerscifi.com/flash-contest-rules/) where the top three winners get a cash prize, and along with the other 117 winners they end up in an anthology to raise money for the QSF website. After they've gotten your submission, QSF asks you to sign a release stating, among other things, that
I hereby authorize Queer Sci Fi (QSF) to publish my submitted work if it is selected, without compensation, and at their discretion to use and authorize their business partners to use my submitted work for fund raising and publicity purposes exclusively for one year from the anthology publication date for QSF. After three years from the publication date QSF agrees to take down the work and all rights revert to me as the author.
Three years seems like an overly long time compared to other anthologies I've seen. This is also way before they even get around to rejections/acceptances.
Does anyone have any more info on them?