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Thread: The last straw...

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    The last straw...

    1. Okay, so as many as ten tornadoes ripped through the Nashville area I moved to within the past three months...I survived and can deal with it (luckily was spared from any damage or family losses)

    2. I am also dealing with a loss of sunlight - in Colorado I had at least a 2 or 3 days of partial sun at least every week, if not more. Here in Nashville area, it's been nearly 2 months with nary a ray...very depressing, but I am good at keeping a positive attitude.

    3. Then Covid-19 struck, and first caused disruption in all our stores as people panic purchased ridiculous things. Thankfully, I usually bulk buy every quarter and had just done some purchasing in January, so am actually well-stocked.

    4. Next up, now we are being lectured to socially distance ourselves and work from home. I can deal with that, as I already work from home most of the time, and the other times have been easily pivoted to an online platform.

    5. Tom Brady is no longer a New England Patriot

    In the words of Picard, "The line is being drawn here! No further!"
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